Getting Started Yesterday

 Getting Started Yesterday

Denver McQuaid was a Vine star. Not a money-hungry content creator that filmed 6-second loops for cash, but a content creator invested in his craft, discovering new techniques, and pushing himself toward becoming the best he could be.

During the summer after his freshman year at Ball State University, McQuaid challenged himself to create one Vine video every day, for 30 days straight. Jonathan Huer, a professor at Ball State who would eventually move out to Los Angeles, began following Denver for one reason: to see when he would fail.

“You never know who’s quietly watching in the corner and what kind of connections and impact they’ll have on not only on your life, but the kind of connections they have elsewhere that will eventually bring you into it,” McQuaid said.

Denver didn’t fail. Instead, he exceeded his goal and created a Vine, everyday, for 120-days straight.

Huer was impressed with Denver’s work and invited him to Los Angeles to introduce him to Digital Corps alumnus, August Miller, who at the time worked at Los York, a content agency in Santa Monica, CA. Los York is an award-winning agency who have collaborated with Nike, Apple, Michael Jordan, Starbucks, Google and many more.

Denver landed a paid internship by literally doing it for the Vine.

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Essential traits of every modern digital marketer

3 Essential traits of every modern digital marketer

This post was ghost-written for Taulbee Jackson, the CEO of Raidious. 

Analytics. Content. Conversions. Social media management, monitoring and optimization. Lead generation and design. As digital marketers, these are concepts we hear every week. To be successful in the industry, it’s ideal that we be aware of the buzzwords and have access the range of skills we are likely to perform.

That being said, the hardest and most important parts of being a digital marketer are the traits that don’t show up on a résumé. These are the soft-skills, the character traits, and the base knowledge that stand out in all successful digital marketers.

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Rejoice! Google Is Killing Last Trip Attribution

Rejoice! Google Is Killing Last Click Attribution

This post was ghost-written at Raidious for the Senior Strategist,  Topher Howden.

When was the last time you were convinced to purchase a product or service based on the information you read from a single piece of information on the Internet? That is, you saw a banner ad for a new pair of shoes, clicked on the ad, and immediately bought the shoes. This has probably never happened and we as marketers understand that it’s not supposed to. But last-click attribution tells us that the last ad you see before making the purchase takes all the responsibility for the purchase. Pretty unfair, right? Continue reading “Rejoice! Google Is Killing Last Trip Attribution”

Win the Data Fight by Going Beyond the Data

Win the Data Fight by Going Beyond the Data

The 2017 Interact Digital Marketing Conference kicked off its first day with in-depth, discussion-driven workshops that explore primary components of marketing. There was the Lead Generation workshop, which armed attendees to the teeth with actionable content that can convert any prospect. The Customer Experience workshop showed us how a gang of consumer advocates truly gives you an advantage. Finally, the Analytics + ROI workshop proved you should never bring an opinion to a data fight.

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Growing Up Is Hard And Native Advertising Is Only Halfway There

Growing Up Is Hard And Native Advertising Is Only Halfway There

Remember when an organic post on social media actually reached your audience? Or when paid search ads weren’t such a saturated market? Believe it or not, there was a time when these channels were the new kids on the block, and everyone wanted to be their friend. These channels eventually matured and now everyone knows who they are. Native advertising is already starting to grow up, and just like a teenager, it’s in a bit of an awkward stage.

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Do your internal homework and be your best self

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Do your internal homework and be your best self

I recently sat down the BJ McKay, a local entrepreneur in my community, and discussed what it meant to be a business owner. As a husband, father of four, senior manager consultant at Advisa, Boys and Girls Club board member, and a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, it’s easy to see that McKay is a busy guy. Nonetheless, he still found time to start a business. As a crossfit practitioner, he found a gap in his community, and decided to fill it by starting his own crossfit gym, or “box.” In my interview with BJ, a couple of quotes and concepts really stood out to me. I would like to share them with you!

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I Am a Digital Native

I Am a Digital Native

This blog post was part of an assignment for my Journalism 106 class, Introduction to Digital Media, at Ball State University.

Technology has always been a part of my life, and I’ve always understood that technology is constantly changing. From an early age, I would wake up, turn on the TV and watch my favorite show, Walking With Dinosaurs, a two-set VCR special that examined dinosaurs throughout their prehistoric lifetime. I loved computer games too. I can still remember sitting at our desktop computer and showing off my skills in my Treasure Planet game that came in a bag from McDonalds.

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